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    2. What Are The Specific Measures For High Quality Hydraulic Press Anti-Interference? 返回首頁

      (1) Separation by physical means. Increase the distance between the victim circuit (or device) and the interference source, because the interference intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, and increase the distance between the interference source and the victim circuit as much as possible, which will greatly reduce the propagation of interference and reduce the system failure rate. Especially in the case of poor power supply, the use of voltage regulator High Quality Hydraulic Press is effective for power supply fluctuations and instantaneous power outages. In order to suppress power supply noise and interference between the power supply and the earth cable, an isolation transformer can be connected between the power supply and the numerical control device.

      (2) Through the shielding method. In order to protect equipment and components from external electromagnetic fields, isolation shielding measures are usually used by Hydraulic Elbow Machine Manufacturer.

      Electrostatic shielding. It is to eliminate the interference between the circuits due to the coupling of the sub-capacitors.

      Low frequency magnetic field shielding. For constant magnetic fields and low frequency magnetic fields, shielding can be achieved using ferromagnetic materials with high magnetic permeability. It limits the magnetic field lines to shielded conductors with small magnetic reluctance. In addition, this type of interference can be eliminated by using twisted pair.

      Electromagnetic shielding. The electromagnetic is absorbed or excluded by means of reflection or absorption.

      (3) Pass the filter. The filter suppresses input interference and various types of interference induced on the signal transmission line. Commonly used are low-pass filters and DC filters, which are usually installed between the power supply and the numerical control device.

      (4) Method of grounding. If the device connects its casing to the earth, it is protective grounding; if the system ground is connected to the earth, it is grounded to the system. Anti-interference can also be achieved by means of protective grounding or system grounding.

      High Quality Hydraulic Press

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